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The Lumingon

The Lumingon

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Unleash your creativity and curate the perfect ambiance for every mood, all within the infinity of the Lumingon's radiant glow. Elevate your space and lose yourself in the endless possibilities of the Lumingon today.
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What is the Lumingon?

The Lumingon is an illuminating experience like no other. Featuring a 12-sided frame, bespoke two-way glass mirrors and custom-printed circuit boards that house 960 LEDs, the Lumingon provides an endless abyss of geometry and color to captivate the viewer. Easily controllable with the wireless controller, the Lumingon has dozens of custom lighting modes and animations to tailor your perfect environment.


What is it for?

Whether you're creating an immersive ambience for festivals, yoga tents, meditation spaces or simply at home mood lighting - the possibilities truly are infinite. If you can think of it, it can go there. Go crazy.

Infinity and Beyond

Updates and additional lighting capabilities are always being added to the Lumingon partner app - indulge in an experience like no other with the Lumingon!


Free 1 Year Warranty

We really look forward to hearing about how much you enjoy the Lumingon. However, in the instance of any issues, we do offer a free 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty on the Lumingon.

Specs and Quality

Dodecahedron Geometry

Metal Frame with Acrylic Mirrors

Size: 8x8x8 in (20x20x20 cm)

Included: The Lumingon, wireless remote, power adaptor

Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Simon C Robinson
Awesome and good customer service

There is always that one cheaper present at Christmas that wins the show. Then you wonder why you spent so much money lol. Well this was it. Everyone loved it. Great effects, my kid loved it.So I bought this early for Xmas and it broke after the return period. Their customer service sent us a new one no questions asked!So if you are like and on the fence if to buy this…buy it.

Hi Simon, we're happy to hear that you guys really enjoyed it. Sorry that you experienced some issues at first, we got on it right away to make sure that you got a replacement! Thank you for the honest review!!

Lisa Doerr
Love this fun light

This is so pretty and so many different light options. The remote was easy to understand. I'm mesmerized daily by this neat and unusual light.

dkce@YT Review Videos
Nice for the Price

Its stunning. I did a video on this. But after a week you wish it had more settings. Heck of a remote that really dont do much.

Hi dcke@YT, we're sorry to hear that the remote wasn't enough. We recommend that you check out the app for the Lumingon. It has 250+ different lighting modes, INCLUDING A MUSIC SYNC MODE!! Hope that helps!

It’s ok.

I got this as a Christmas present from my girlfriend. Out of the box, it was a neat item. However, upon inspection of the build quality, I quickly realized that it was not assembled properly. There are dents in the plastic that you look through and the leds are not properly installed. Some are even falling out of where they should be. It’s a poor build quality. Also, they didn’t fill it with LEDs in all areas so that you can look in any window too see the effect. They cheapened out and only put in a few lights vs making this as the original maker made these with lights filling the piece.That being said. From a far, it still looks ok. But it’s not what I’d hoped for.

Kenneth B.
The Lumingon

The light works well. Shape and colors are unique - and it has been providing a very interesting light source. Appears to be good quality